Certificate in Blockchain and Cryptocurrency

Start Dates: Available every month of the year

Duration: 3 months

Fees: CAD $600

Campus: Online

Awarding Body: Toronto College of Management and Technology

Certificate in Blockchain and Cryptocurrency

This course in Blockchain and Cryptocurrency provides learners with knowledge, skills, strategies and tools in the area of blockchain technology in the workplace. Students will gain in-depth understanding on synthesizing blockchain solutions and specific mechanics of Bitcoin.

Understand Bitcoin’s real-life applications and apply blockchain skills in a variety of fields including government, health, education, financial services, logistics, real estate, start-ups and other businesses.


Students will gain comprehensive understanding of the following topics:

  • Blockchain Fundamentals
  • Cryptoeconomics and Proof-of-Stake
  • Bitcoin Mechanics & Optimization
  • Bitcoin In Real Life
  • Game Theory & Network Attacks
  • Ethereum & Smart Contracts



With this certificate, you will be able to choose a career in a wide range of management fields. So, this course can prepare you for various positions in:

  • Blockchain Risk Consultant
  • Cryptocurrency Research Analyst
  • Blockchain Solutions Specialist
  • Blockchain Developer
  • Blockchain Integrations Manager
  • Business Analyst
  • Financial Analyst

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